Tashy 497 is a character seen in Tashy 497. He is a creature from Mutraddi. He is a living time bomb feared by all of Mutraddi despite his small size.

Duraak gives him to General Modula after he files a "complaint". Once entering Earth in a large ship,the Sym-Bionic Titan try to stop it, and succeeds. They find the creature inside and it mysteriously coughs every now and then. They take it home to do more research on it, but Ilana, Lance, and Octus develop a bond for him. Ilana names him Mushy because he is mushy like a marshmallow and he enjoys eating them. Lance names him Tarax, after the Galalunian general and calls him 'tough for a little guy'. Octus names him 497 because he's the 497th creature he has encountered on Earth.

After the group enjoys his company more and more Octus comes to find out that he is a living bomb, and that he isn't stable in Earth's atmosphere, and the more he stays on Earth, the more he gets sick, which could trigger him into explosion. Causing a explosion that's large enough to destroy a planet. A moment later Barb's dog chases him around the house and causes him to run outside. Avoiding to get hit by cars and what not.

In the end, the team catches him and make a tough decision whether to let him go or not. At this point, Tashy 497's skin is peeled and his sneezes have reached the point where he can blow anything out of his path as a sonic boom. Ilana takes it as a hard decision, but agrees with it. The team form Sym-bionic Titan and fly him to space far enough from planet Earth. After he explodes, Octus and the team go to the museum. At the museum, he looks at the sky through a telescope to see that 497's explosion caused a cosmic formation. The man at the museum states that whoever finds a cosmic formation, names it. After a short discussion, Ilana, Lance, and Octus agree to name their new discovery Tashy 497.


Tashy 497 appears to be a tiny, blue octopus like creature with big black eyes, purple spots that reach his forehead to his back and 8 small tentacles.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Being able to create devastating explosions that can destroy or consume a planet.
  • Speed, Stamina & Agility.