The Sym-Bionic Titan (referred to as "Titan" by humans) is the combined form of Lance's Manus armor, Ilana's Corus armor, and Octus's body, the result of the sym-bionic defense program that Octus possesses. Its interior structure is the combined Manus and Corus armors and its transparent exterior armor is Octus's outer shell. It is capable of flight and can create weapons and defenses in response to the pilots' thoughts. The Titan is controlled by Ilana and Lance's thoughts, with Octus focusing on more technical matters such as weapon systems. Octus implies in the series premiere that there are hidden subroutines in his programming that even he doesn't know about, which will presumably allow the Sym-Bionic Titan to access even more powers in the future. The Sym-Bionic Titan has only ever spoken once. In that one time, it was voiced by Richard McGonagle.